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Remedial Rocket Science by Susannah Nix

Date: 12/07/2020
The last thing Melody expects when she starts her new job is to run into her college one-night stand again. Not only does the hunky blast from her past work at the same company, he’s...
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Date: 11/15/2020
"A beautifully crafted and uplifting romance."Alone in the world except for a brutish guardian and a malodorous betrothed, Miss Matilda Griffin must seek her own future, even if that means employment in the household of...
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Bella Cigna by Wendi Dass

Date: 01/31/2021
Devastated by personal loss, Sarah Flynn escapes to Rome where she finds a job teaching English. Only the girls’ school is like a nunnery and she’s expected to speak fluent Italian overnight. What has she...
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Date: 12/04/2020
The third and final book in Kay and Mason's story.
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Love Directions by A.F. Zoelle

Date: 12/03/2020
It sounds strange, but it feels like the cosmic universe is pushing me in the direction of the mysterious North Easton. Even though we just met, it would be stupid to run away from love...
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Frenemies with Benefits by Kelly Myers

Date: 11/08/2020
I’ve spent my life running away from my past.And for so long, that’s worked. Not anymore. Now my past is out to get me in the form of Zach O’Malley. He was my first crush,...
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Bet on Love by A.F. Zoelle

Date: 01/07/2021
After my bachelor party, I expected to wake up hungover. I never imagined I’d wake up in bed with a husband. Realizing I’m straight and married to my best man sobers me up real fast....
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Love Fool by A.F. Zoelle

Date: 10/29/2020
If everyone is going to accuse Jules and I of being together, why shouldn’t we enjoy ourselves as friends-with-benefits? Ohhhh, it’s because our arrangement makes me fall in love with him for real. Oops? This...
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