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A Cowgirl’s Dream by Edith MacKenzie


Rodeo isn’t for the weak. Neither is love …

Frankie’s not interested in romance. Her goal of becoming a champion barrel racer requires her full attention. So when the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, she’s willing to chase it halfway across the globe. Now, with her dream so close she can almost taste it, staying focused is more important than ever. Nothing will stand in her way—especially not the annoyingly handsome Brazilian bull rider who seems so determined to rope her heart.

Everything Luciano’s ever wanted is finally within reach. Fame, fortune, validation that he’s the best in the world…it will be his. But when he meets a feisty Aussie who sets his soul on fire, he's forced to realize there’s one more thing he’ll need in order to truly be happy—and that’s Frankie. Now all he has to do is convince the cowgirl of his dreams to give him a chance…

When the road to happily ever after gets rough, will Frankie find the courage to trust in love and ride off into the sunset with Luciano? Or will they always be destined to go their separate ways?

A Cowgirl’s Dream, book 1 in the Barrels and Hearts series, is a clean and wholesome contemporary romance featuring a commanding cowboy with a heart of gold, and a tough, smart, cowgirl heroine who isn’t afraid to go after exactly what she wants. HEAs are always guaranteed. Download your copy today and let the wild ride begin…

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