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Bapu and The Jewel Thief by Hazel MacLeod Fowles

In a rural Indian village, we meet Bapu a courageous and brave young boy, who is shown something so amazing, it makes him determined to follow his dream of rescuing his whole family from poverty. After plotting an ambitious plan, he sets off in the dead of night to travel to the sacred but dangerous city of Benares, where he is thrown into adventures and perils, and encounters many strange and colourful characters. Then, in the middle of the night, on the edge of the River Ganges, Bapu and his new monkey friend witness a terrible evil crime. Will he capture the villain? What adventures does he have along the way? What help does he get? Is he able to realise his dream of helping his family? If you are looking for an enchanting story; full of adventures, courage and excitement with a magical ending, this is the story for you.
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