Against the background of controls and restrictions imposed on Germans and Italians living in the United Kingdom at the start of World War 2, four Anglo-German siblings are taken from their home in London and interned: the girl, Ruby Becker, is sent to the Isle of Man via Holloway Prison and her three brothers to a variety of hastily erected and severely overcrowded, poorly run camps and then onto the ill-fated SS Arandora Star. Whilst Ruby's internment is restrictive, it is nowhere near as horrific, squalid and dangerous as that endured by her brothers; yet she knows that it is she who deserves to be severely punished, not them. So why is she being treated so comparatively leniently? Why hasn't she been tried, sentenced and possibly executed. She will have to wait years for the answer. "Barbed-wire, Barricades and Miss Becker" is based on a true story and explores the injustice of blanket wartime internment as well the appalling conditions that many innocent people had to endure. It is also a story about love, sacrifice and incompetence. Above all it is a story about survival.
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