Endangered Species by Nate Littlefield


Charter boat captain and divemaster Alex Nolen relishes his nomadic existence, exploring the waters of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Time and saltwater, he finds, heals at least most wounds. But when Alex comes across an injured sea turtle while diving near his hometown of Pensacola, Florida, his instincts compel him to help. Doing so, though, will alter the course of his life in ways he would never have expected. The solitary, peaceful existence he has enjoyed until now is about to be shattered by encounters with Florida law enforcement, the critical scrutiny of a beautiful marine researcher, and a trio of poachers intent upon capturing a rare, endangered alligator snapping turtle.

The illegal animal trade can be a lucrative business, and Alex and his friends suddenly find themselves at the mercy of the poachers, embroiled in their greedy, unscrupulous quest to find the turtle along Florida's Escambia River. Poachers, however, may not be the only danger. Something lurks beneath the murky waters of the river that may pose an even greater threat. Could this be Alex Nolen's last dive?

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