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What does the Bible say about healing?

God's Promises for Abundance of Healing is an indispensable resource for Christians eager to explore God's word on healing. Thoughtfully compiled by Christian Healing Evangelist Sallie Dawkins, this book is for lay Christians and Clergy alike. Sallie experienced significant healing in her own life as she learned to seek God for revelation on this topic. She believes what God did for her; He'll do for you.

In Proverbs 12:18, we read, "The tongue of the wise heals" (WEB). God loves when we pray His words back to Him, but many Christians are unaware of just how much God has to say about healing. Whether you're seeking self-healing or healing for others, God's word is good medicine! You'll find over 800 scriptures referenced in this book.

• The index includes over 70 different categories to assist you in quickly locating relevant scriptures specific to healing spirit, soul, and body. Topics include Addiction, Anxiety, Breath, Confusion, Depression, Deafness, Disease, Fear, Fever, Heart, Heaviness, Infirmity, Iniquity, Joy, Life, Pain, Sleep, Strength, Wounds, and more!

• The 13 point font makes this an easy-to-read text.

This book will NOT teach you the foundational Kingdom principles for obtaining healing through prayer, declarations, or spiritual warfare. This book is NOT a teaching guide. Instead, God's Promises of Abundances for Healing is a compilation of healing scriptures featuring World English Bible translation.

God's word is not new; it's eternal and never expires. Jesus healed everyone who came to Him. This is an essential resource for anyone in prayer ministry or healing and deliverance ministry.

Are you ready for fresh revelation straight from God's Word?

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