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Hannah’s Holiday Wish by Sophie Mays


When a cowgirl comes home, two unexpected surprises turn her life upside-down. Could an identity switch and an inheritance lead to Hannah’s happily-ever-after?

♥ When Hannah Wyatt returns home to her family's Colorado ranch for the holidays, she thinks the biggest surprise is a gift that her parents have waiting for her and her four siblings.

Little does she know that her British pen-pal is about to add a twist to the homecoming!

Especially when she realizes that the British friend she thought she knew is ready to unveil a shocking revelation…one that has the ability to throw an additional wrench into Hannah’s new life equation.

When the handsome Rafferty arrives on her doorstep instead of her pen-pal, Rosalind- major questions are in need of answers!

Will Hannah's unexpected twist turn into her happily-ever-after?

And is she ready to call Serenity Falls home once again?

♥ With a wish for clarity and a magical holiday season ahead, Hannah's life is about to get interesting... Enjoy sweeping scenery and trusting-your-heart life decisions with Sophie Mays’ uplifting and heartwarming Serenity Falls series! ♥

Hannah's story is the first book in the Serenity Falls series, which features the entire Wyatt family as they navigate life and search for happiness. From cowboys to small town life, wilderness vistas to newcomers from abroad- Serenity Falls, Colorado is a town you will fall in love with!

Book 1: Hannah’s Holiday Wish (Hannah’s Story)
Book 2: Art of the Heart (Anna-Jane’s Story)
Book 3: Baking from the Heart (Emma’s Story)
Book 4: Call of the Wild Heart (Carson’s Story)
Book 5: Detoured by the Heart (Jake’s Story)

*Hannah’s Holiday Wish is also part of a multi-author Christmas romance series, Home For Christmas.
Take a trip through time and enjoy the entire Home For Christmas Series! Embark on a sweet, romantic journey spanning nearly two centuries of holiday cheer. Each story is a standalone story following many generations of the same family and friend lineage line! Join popular, best-selling authors Natalie Dean, Hanna Hart, Annie Boone,
Rose Pearson, Bethany Rose, Joyce Alec, and Sophie Mays with the Home for Christmas series!

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