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How to Spot and Stop Bullying Once and for All! - Help Your Child Avoid Becoming a Victim of Bullying With This Guide That Will Teach Them How to Properly Respond When Facing a Bully Did you know that every 1 in 4 children experience some form of bullying at school? Don’t let your child become part of that statistic! In "How to Handle Bullying," your children will go on an empowering journey through colorful pages to learn the essential skills they need to spot and stop bullying in its tracks. This fully-colored picture book is designed to help children navigate the challenging topic of bullying with courage and confidence. Through engaging storytelling and vibrant illustrations, young readers are introduced to the right steps to take when they see or experience bullying. ---They’ll learn: · Strategies to effectively deal with bullying: Understand the different forms of bullying and what to do when facing a bully, who to turn to for help, and how to communicate their feelings. · That they should never become a bully themselves: Through relatable scenarios, kids will find the tools they need to stand strong and create a kinder, more inclusive world. · Sensitive topics don’t have to be so hard: This book offers a comprehensive and age-appropriate approach to a sensitive topic that your children may have a hard time understanding or opening up about. · And more! Whether they’ve been a victim of bullying, or know a friend that’s gotten bullied before, this kid-friendly story is here to help them further understand right from wrong. They’ll learn valuable lessons that they’ll bring with them till adulthood. This book doesn't just teach kids how to cope with bullying — it empowers them to be the change-makers who can put an end to it.
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