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Pablo’s Apprentice by Richard DeVall


In this psychological revenge thriller, Rose is a victim of childhood abuse, her perception of worthlessness turns her into a violent teenager resulting in years of confinement. In prison, she studies past criminals, their successes and failures. Upon release, she begins her reign of terror, specifically a string of ruthless robberies that leave behind a trail of tears.
The authorities refer to this unknown assailant as an animal in public, and a criminal mastermind behind closed doors. Eventually, she is exposed and this causes her to toy with her the FBI and the police. Her lack of remorse and inability to feel guilt causes one of her victims, Brandy, nearly destroyed by Rose’s revenge and deranged behavior, into joining the hunt to bring down this mad woman anyway she can.
The pursuit of this highly intelligent psychopath crisscrosses the world and causes Brandy to take a crash course in martial defense and the art of knife fighting. The epic battle between these two women comes to an end along the shores of the Crocodile River that border Bhutan and India.
5.0 out of 5 stars - Couldn’t put it down; captivating
We are all a product of our environment from the day we are born, too often challenged by poverty in combination with less than adequate parents, step-parents and peers. Most of us find the best out of it all and enter adulthood reasonably stable. But what if the damage was irreversible? That, I’m sure, was what was going through the author’s mind when he wrote about Rose Alvaro, who after a childhood beyond recovery, enters into adulthood driven by a simmering anger. She does find one true friend who becomes her one and only lover, another woman even more deranged than is she. Together they mastermind a heist with total disregard for the lives of anyone who even remotely gets in their way, leaving a bloody trail, taking the life, among others, of police helicopter pilot, Officer David Bednar


5.0 out of 5 stars - A special tale of revenge, redemption, and resilience…
What started as a character-driven tale about love and relationships, suddenly turned into more as the stakes are raised and the depth of the writing comes full circle. This novel was so much more than what it appears to be in the beginning. Is it a thrilling story filled with violence and mentally disturbed individuals? Sure. However, it's also a story about nature or nurture and how we can still control our own destinies and decisions, no matter what obstacles life throws out ways. It's also about unwavering friendship and love, what it means to forgive and forget when need be but also be strong enough to hold your ground and even scores with ones who have done you harm. I couldn't get enough of this wonderful tale and the layers the author so cleverly infused into the story. Read it, you won't regret it...