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The wisdom we were able to cultivate in our minds and the love we were able to express with our hearts, are the only true ‘pearls’ you will be able to show upon arrival in the afterlife. With each choice, our free will designs our life, as the architect of our current life, and the builder of our future conditions. But only a wise ‘architect’ that truly knows his own nature, will be able to make the right choices. The author parachutes himself into the reader’s life to question our habitual ways. Why do we try to buy our way into happiness? Why do we postpone ‘being’ happy’? Isn’t there always something missing? How can we come out of a crisis as a winner? How to tackle our life? Why do we judge all the time? Why do we compare to others? How to start-up one’s spiritual practice? And more. All people struggle in our hectic lives, and unless you turn inward, it is difficult to reach a blissful state that makes you feel ‘you are not alone.’ I aim to contribute to raising our level of consciousness, by means of getting people to stand still and look at themselves. All I ask, is that we look in the mirror and question our ways, our habits. The first thing we can rediscover when we look in the mirror, is that we are not what we see, we are inside of what we see. We must see through our physical envelope and realize our true nature is soul, before anything else. From the moment you realize this, you will understand that only ‘serving the body’ might get you comfortable conditions in the here and now, but unless you also take care of your soul needs, you will not reach greater satisfaction, true fulfillment and an advancement in your spiritual evolution. Earthly life will never be completely fulfilling or perfect, because it simply isn’t meant to serve such a purpose. Life on earth is not a dream-vacation destination but rather a workplace, and people generally come back for one life after another, to time and again, resume their unfinished business. While on earth, man has higher objectives to pursue than all the material things this world can offer. As children of God, of the creator, of the universe, or whatever you want to call it, we must 'spiritualize' our lives. We are all loving and caring beings at our core, but we can’t help wondering when looking at our world: How far have we gone astray as mankind? I write for and to any person that is seeking a better understanding of life and that wants to make an effort investigating the subjects listed in the table of contents. My writing doesn’t just spread spiritual truths in a ‘take it or leave it’ manner, it invites the reader into the subject. In this way, the reader effortlessly identifies with each ‘discussion’
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