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Queen Margaret by Christine Taylor

What is the definition of true love? Who knows? Definitely not a person who has never been in love. Have you ever experienced such a feeling that cherishes your soul but destroys you in the meantime? Margaret Kingston, the protagonist of this novel, is perhaps a suitable example to mirror the reflection of this feeling, whose father offered her hand to Prince Harold, as a result of his unceasing addiction. Harold beats his wife to the chains of an ugly fate, who apparently has no escape from the royal court. But does this little bird locked in a golden cage find happiness treading the path of her painful fate? Will the dream of never-ending love, whose face is General Arthur Harlow, who is respected and loved by everyone, a real hero, make her dreams come true and will he be able to free her, or will all this remain an eternal unfulfilled dream? "Look at the sky For the brightest star And you will see, Life is nice Cause it shines for us Only for us."
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