Questioning your identity in The Heavens has never been warranted. After demons invade Isabella’s home, she’s determined to learn how to fight to defend The Heavens. The last thing she expects is that the ramifications of her push for independence go against the Heavenly constitution and set in motion banishment to Earth for her and her fellow Cherubs, who dared to take up arms.

Nathanael, born a warrior angel, can’t fully take his place in The Heavens without marrying. When he discovers his pre-ordained wife is one of the forsaken angels exiled to Earth, he’s determined to change things. He gambles he can get his soulmate to become his wife. Taking things into his own hands, he falls to the Earth realm and ends up in serious trouble. The last thing he expects are demons trying to kill him and getting rescued by the most beautiful and unconventional angel he’s ever seen.

Sparks fly when Isabella realizes that Nathanael’s plan is to escort her back to The Heavens. This time she won’t blindly follow her pre-ordained faith. With demons threatening both Earth and The Heavens, Nathanael realizes there is more going on than anyone in The Heavens realizes.

Dare Nathanael put aside the love of his life and fight with honour to win her heart? Will Isabella’s faith be tested once again, placing her exiled sisters in jeopardy?

Nathanael and Isabella must learn to work together and put aside their passion, to safeguard Earth and The Heavens. Together, they have to stop a demon army strategically setting plans in motion to claim all the realms.  

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