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Struggling to find time for school improvement/implementation planning? Educational consultant, former headteacher and trust CEO Jill Foster has discovered a faster way. In this game-changing pocket guide, Jill reveals how she leveraged artificial intelligence to create an AI blueprint to slash the time spent creating high-impact plans. This no-nonsense easy approach has been developed specifically for educationalists. You'll learn to work smarter, not harder, as Jill guides you step-by-step in using AI as your personal planning assistant to streamline the whole process and generate plans which are evidence based. The future is here. Now you can create better plans in a fraction of the time - driving real gains in teaching, learning, and pupil achievement. "This pocket guide beautifully merges an accessible introduction to the use of AI in implementation planning for the educational sector. Harnessing the current research-based formats, saving time whilst developing sharp strategic plans." - Principal Deborah Eyvbowho Secker.
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