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My first mistake was sleeping with my boss. 

My second mistake was expecting him to love me.

I babysit Antony’s twins and I love those kids to death. 

Getting romantically involved with their dad caused trouble. 

I knew it would before I put myself in that position. 

All those positions. 

Could I have avoided it? Yes. 

Did I want to? No. 

Antony was so painfully irresistible that I had to be made of stone to not want to sleep with him. 

My stubborn heart couldn’t allow him to be with someone else. 

So I did what it told me to do. 

I quit, leaving him and the twins behind. 

That was before I found out I was pregnant. 

Before I decided to hide the news from him.

Now, I’m tempted go back and make things right. 

Is that even possible anymore... or have I lost my only chance of having a real family?

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