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The Greencloak Wanderer by Jesse McMinn


For what do we have in this world, if not hope?

Legends tell of a Queen of the elves, born of a falling star. They speak of the shining city she raised in the west, and of her struggle against the Iron King, that ruler of men who sought to eradicate the old ways of magic. But the Queen’s name has long been forgotten, and the machines of the iron age have wound down. The world entire has fallen to rust, trapped between present and past.

Deep in the heart of the great wood, far above the troubles of the world below, a young woman named Aein has just learned a devastating truth. Her home – the mighty tree known as Yla – has fallen prey to a wasting illness, and the future of her folk is in doubt.

Now, with the help of an enigmatic wanderer known as Greencloak, Aein leaves her home in search of answers. But the world below is wider than she ever could have imagined, and she soon finds herself embroiled in the affairs of men. After witnessing the Iron King’s cruelty for herself, Aein must choose whether she fights for her folk – or something greater.