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The Humanist by Kenneth James Allen


The latest psychological thriller from the twisted mind of Kenneth James Allen

"Would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys a literary diet consisting of murder, suspense, shock and action with a significant twist on the side." - Rachel H

It’s a trick. They always try to trick you, to get you to say something you didn’t want to say.

Atlas Jones: Investment banker. Entrepreneur. Self-centered prick.

Grant Taylor: Family man. Rising star. Convicted murderer.

Atlas needs to talk to death row inmate, Grant, who is about to be executed for a crime he didn’t commit. Atlas is there to tell the story of how he orchestrated it all. Grant hears him out, but he’s focused on something else—a crucial piece of information that will determine life or death, not just for him, but for millions.

As the story unfolds, so too does Atlas’s world.

He’s not talking to who he thinks he’s talking to.

He’s not where he thinks he is.

He isn’t even who he thinks he is.

They need something from him, and they’ll do anything to get it.