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How can you truly care for others when you don’t first care for yourself?

As nurses, we all experience circumstances that are beyond our control. We feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. But with holistic and comprehensive resilience tools, we can find ways to overcome adversity and maintain a sustainable, healthy balance.

Using a framework inspired by George Everly Jr., Dr. Douglas Strouse, and Dr. Dennis K. McCormack, The Resilient Nurse Project employs six pillars of resilience in coaching nurses to recognize, address, and overcome burnout and compassion fatigue. These pillars allow nurses to manage and cope with conflicts, view their challenges strategically, and develop a positive way forward.

The Resilient Nurse Book uses each pillar of resilience as a lens to view the personal stories of nurses who demonstrate strength through adversity. Through these tales, readers can learn how to employ valuable resilience techniques and reduce the uncontrollable spiral that might otherwise result from life’s curveballs. In a world of endless responsibilities and high-stress employment, these tools are critical to managing opposing priorities and overcoming the all-too-common trend of putting oneself last.

Avoid professional burnout as a nurse by following these strategies, so you can become your best self at work and at home!

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