The Road, To Ruin, And Back by Steven Garvey

Steve's life from childhood to retirement is told in a series of short stories where he explains his early passion for lorries and how he manifested that to try and reach his goal in life: to have and run his own vehicle. Along the way he was sidetracked from his path and his life changed dramatically, resulting in him drifting for a while into a life he had not envisaged. The book tells of Steve and his wife Pat, ordinary working class people, and their fightback from having to give up their home to rebuilding their lives in North Wales. There are tales of humour and sadness, of kindness and rudeness, all intertwined within tales of some of the memorable moments Steve encountered in his working life, on and off the road, which are told in an honest and down to earth way. It is a truthful story of his life.
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