Third Time’s a Charm by Juliet Holmes


A steamy, small-town summer romance!

Sage Huxley’s always been ambitious. She clawed her way out of Lyndale, Texas, and she swore she’d never come back. 

Especially not to see Mr. Bad Boy himself. Leo was voted “Most Likely To Go To Prison” in their high school yearbook, and he exceeded all expectations, racking up a rap sheet longer than his tattoo sleeves. Her cheeks still burn when she recalls how he broke her heart four years before.

But in the wake of her estranged father’s death, she’s forced to work with Leo to the repair the house she’s inherited or lose everything. And the longer they work together, the more she begins to fall for him all over again. 

Can she leave him a second time? Or will Leo flip her house and her heart?

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