Under the Moon by Vera Foxx

If you aren't into Mr. Grumpy and Miss Sunshine couple, dominant and a bit crazy obsessive men, cheesy lines, and happily ever afters, I would avoid reading. Because there is a lot of… all of that. ***** Struck with the death of her mute aunt, Clara had a decision to make. Stay in a town she's known most of her life, work at a dead-end job or go live in a mysterious cabin she inherited she's never known about. Clara goes with the former and takes a road trip away from the people she never fit in with and drives to a small secluded town that doesn't welcome strangers. The townspeople had little choice but to accept her when they found out she owned the abandoned cabin which left them scratching their heads about who this mysterious woman was. This town wasn't just any normal town. Unbeknownst to Clara, this town was crawling with werewolves. Still, Clara was now the talk of the town and had caught everyone's attention, including the future Alpha Kane, AKA the Beast. Kane was a brute. Tall, imposing covered in tattoos and piercings. His wolf was worse and thirsted for a fight or blood. Heb rarely spoke and when he did wolves would run in the opposite direction. But Clara didn't. So he ran straight for her. And he wasn't about to let her go. ************************** There will be werewolves, vampires, witches, fighting, love, mature scenes, and kidnapping. 18+
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