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Date: 06/06/2021
Are you ready to find your way out of your box? There is a moment when you realize your life is no longer your own. You made it picture perfect. You thought it would make you...
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Date: 05/22/2021
Do you ever wonder what makes a person fearless?What allows someone to have such a zest for life even when things appear to be crashing down around them?How does a person put their best foot forward,...
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Heal Through the Power of Being by Dr. Dennis Murphy

Date: 05/18/2021
Most people do not realize they carry wounds deep within them!  These wounds affect their day-to-day life and cause pain, suffering and damage to self, others and relationships."Intense emotions and out of proportion reactions are...
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Date: 05/10/2021
A #1 Amazon Best Seller in Zen Buddhism! -- The idea is simple: everyday items and situations as sources of Zen insight. From a junk drawer to a butterfly. From Ginger Rogers to Colonel Mustard....
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Memory Brain Training by Lisa Shea

Date: 03/09/2021
UPDATED TO WORK ON BLACK AND WHITE DEVICES!! NO QUESTIONS INVOLVING COLOR!Human brains are flexible and ever growing. Studies show that the more one uses their brain, the stronger that brain gets. Research with nuns...
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How to Be Happy Every Day! by Johnny Jade Hudson

Date: 03/05/2021
You are in control of your life: discover the mindset that is bound to make you happy.Do you know what it truly means to be happy?You may currently feel that everyone is against you, that...
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How To Be A Stoic by David Dillinger

Date: 02/06/2021
Do you want to learn how to navigate this chaotic life without wasting it? Are you looking for effective ways to stop worrying about the past or future and focus more on the present? Do...
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Date: 01/05/2021
Ways To Motivate Your Children Understanding motivation and proper ways to motivate kids is a key part of being a parent. Your job on a daily basis is to find motivational strategies that will help...