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Pillaged by Tana Stone

Date: 01/12/2021
I was promised against my will to an imperial general. . .so I escaped. Right into the arms of an even more ruthless Vandar warlord. I’d thought things had been bad when I’d been ordered...
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Vaant by Layla Nash

Date: 12/04/2020
Isla Lennox is the best interpreter aboard an Alliance ship, until she and the female crew are traded to an alien ship. The giant Xaravian warriors are intimidating, covered in scales, and way too attractive....
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Possessed by Tana Stone

Date: 11/20/2020
I sacrificed myself to save my sister’s ship. Now the raider warlord owns me. It was my own fault. I was the navigator of our ship, and I’m the one who led us straight into...
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Tamed by Tana Stone

Date: 12/27/2020
She’s been promised a dream wedding. The catch? She was abducted from Earth and her groom is a hot alien warrior with a bad attitude. Taken to a high-tech space station designed to entice human...
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Sign Here for Horns by Vanessa Kairuz

Date: 11/26/2020
I accidentally bought myself an alien concubine. Thirty-one, recently divorced, and behind on the mortgage for my farm, I scrape my last savings together and buy myself a farmhand. That big, horned alien I end...
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The Rebirth by Crystal Dawn

Date: 11/13/2020
Andrea Staton, an Army Colonel, dedicates her career and her life, to finding the hidden doorway from Earth to the planet Amazon. She is expecting an advanced world that she can learn from, but she...
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The Shadow Minds Journal by Kia Carrington-Russell

Date: 10/28/2020
Blood. Lust. War. All rules are fair in the Underworld and killing is just for fun. In the year 2986, rebirthed Vivian Lair is a prized Guardian contracted to uphold the treaty between angels and...
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Vestige of Power by Sara Blackard

Date: 02/22/2021
Joseph, a man of the wilderness… …thrown into the wilds of the city.  Born and raised in the heart of the Rockies, Joseph can’t imagine a more exciting life. But when one wrong step lands...
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