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Date: 04/24/2023
Follow along as Cerberus Tactical K9 Team Bravo continues their adventure.
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Date: 04/23/2023
We were academic rivals in medical school. And finding a cure for cancer was our passion. But now I'm a hospital volunteer and Lucas is my billionaire bossy doctor.Lucas Durand is extremely wealthy and has...
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Guitars & Cadillacs by Sabine Keevil

Date: 04/21/2023
Get ready to take a journey into the heart of Nashville with Guitars & Cadillacs, the first book in the SoundMaster series, a collection of contemporary country music themed romance novels. Follow the story of...
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Date: 04/18/2023
When she first entered the cave, the Viking believed the war goddess Freyja was there to have her first pick of the fallen and collect his slain body. But his eyes quickly strayed to where...
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Date: 04/17/2023
Penelope and Vanilla Pete have the perfect plan–but will they pull it off? Old friends reconnect as Penelope dreams up a comically desperate scheme to avoid showing up solo to her high school reunion. But...
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We Meet Again by Amy Sparks

Date: 02/18/2023
Ashley, who grew up in a small suburban town in Texas, decides to move to New York after college. She says goodbye to her childhood friends, including her boyfriend, and leaves for New York. She plans...
$0.99 $5.99
Date: 12/10/2022
Goal: Find a boyfriend, get married, buy a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, and pop out 2.5 kids. Deadline: Sixty days. That’s possible, right? HAHAHA. *Faints* I’m kidding. Well, kind of. I mean, I’m not...
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Date: 12/06/2022
I should have declined my bestie's invite to the Bishop’s annual Christmas skiing trip.In the breathtaking French Alps....With the even more breathtaking Bishop triplets.After catching my ex-fiancé cheating,It was either going on the exotic trip...Or...
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Date: 12/04/2022
A surprise baby romance from USA Today bestselling author Layla Hagen“Have dinner with me.”Four words. That was all Travis Maxwell needed to charm me, even though I’d just met him. In my defense, we were...
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Bastard Boss by Lisa Renee Jones

Date: 11/21/2022
A sexy, dirty talking alpha. The beautiful, sweet, and fiery Bella. Her boss. A contract that forces him to marry. An arrangement that will change them forever. Meet Tyler Hawk...Tyler Hawk is a man with...
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