Date: 12/02/2023
One unforgettable night, boundaries crossed and there was no uncrossing them. Smokey Woods Ranch Owner, Wyatt Cody was the sight I needed. Cowboy hat for the win. On the outside we’re complete opposites, I’m a...
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Date: 11/27/2023
Embrace the allure of the forbidden and surrender to your deepest desires… Explore the hidden world of Sadie, whose seemingly perfect life conceals a burning desire that can no longer be denied. In the shadows...
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$0.99 $6.99
Date: 11/15/2023
Who says being on the naughty list has to be a bad thing? Dive into these three scorching hot, standalone Christmas romances that all come with a filthy talking hero and a satisfying happily ever...
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The SEAL and the Savior by Jesse Slade

Date: 11/11/2023
The Woman Who Hates Him Is The Savior He Desires Juliette “Jett” Donovan vowed she’d never fall in love again––not after she had her heart ripped out by the first man she ever loved. The...
$0.99 $2.99
Date: 10/28/2023
That billionaire alpha prick left me once without a trace. Now he’s my new boss. He’s a grumpy, HOT ex-SEAL who is fifteen years older than me. A fling six years ago led to a...
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Date: 10/23/2023
An island getaway, a kidnapping, and a brothel auction. Some vacation this turned out to be... Living a simple country life was never my long-term plan. When my friends invited me to go on a...
$0.99 $2.99
Date: 09/28/2023
I came for a girl’s trip, and I’m leaving with my heart tangled up with a silver fox. A 10K run for cancer awareness, no problem. But a handsome, older, billionaire grump has my head...
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Date: 09/22/2023
Love wasn’t part of this plan. So, why am I drawn in by this mysterious older, grumpy businessman, who turned my life upside down? I’m Claire Holt and I am desperately trying to save my...
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$0.99 $7.99
Date: 09/09/2023
Three ex-SEAL billionaires, haunted by internal demons and living low-key lives, are blindsided by love. Three fiery women crash their world and shake them to the core. When fate introduces these grumpy manly hunks to...
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Date: 07/14/2023
Two couples. One HEA and one prequel cliffhanger resolved in Urgent Vows, out now. GIULIA Our marriage cemented the alliance between our families. Emotions shouldn’t come into it, but I fell in love with the...
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