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Flat Gut After 50 by Doug Setter

Imagine using simple 5 to 10 minute exercises that give you a flat stomach, pain-free back and strong body. What if you could jump out of bed in the morning, touch the floor and feel self-confident in your abilities and looks? As heard on: Audacy, BYU, HOT1037, KOGO600, WARM106.9, FM NEWS101, WCCO830, WCRN830, WMT600 and USA Radio shows and podcasts. Written by a former marathon runner, paratrooper and personal trainer now in his 60's, Flat Gut After 50 offers you methods to having a strong, flat stomach for the rest of your life. Forget starvation diets and joint-jarring, lengthy cardio routines that can accelerate aging and injury. Flat Gut After 50 teaches you five basic steps to easing back pain, strengthening the entire body, trimming your waistline and matching the strength and endurance of a person half your age.
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