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Always Be My Forever by Alexis Winter

Date: 10/04/2021
I was eight years old when I fell in love with August Belmore.Eighteen the first time our lips touched.Thirty-three when I became the bastard that broke her heart.The trail of my fingertips across her warm...
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Wild Country (Wild Romance Book 1) by Constance Ruth Clark

Date: 10/02/2021
The snow isn't going anywhere and neither is he. Which is a problem for Kristina because she can't afford to be distracted, not by him or any man. She needs to focus on training her horses...
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Date: 09/02/2021
If you love Hallmark movies and uplifting, feel-good romance stories with endearing characters, you will feel be whisked away by bestselling author Sophie Mays’ Serenity Falls series!Meet Emma, Hannah, Anna-Jane, Carson, & Jake Wyatt~ Five very...
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Home for Christmas by Maddie James

Date: 08/31/2021
A star-crossed, holiday romance story of young love, old love, holding on, and letting go.During the summer of 1989, Jenny Anderson meets Ben Matthews while on vacation with their families. Fresh out of high school...
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Third Time’s a Charm by Juliet Holmes

Date: 08/16/2021
A steamy, small-town summer romance!Sage Huxley’s always been ambitious. She clawed her way out of Lyndale, Texas, and she swore she’d never come back. Especially not to see Mr. Bad Boy himself. Leo was voted “Most...
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Date: 07/30/2021
Seemingly down on her luck, Ruby McLean, the daughter of Eagle Creek’s most notorious resident, doesn’t really care what people think about her life. While it may seem insignificant to some, she’s perfectly content taking...
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Aloha Hideaway Inn by Elana Johnson

Date: 07/23/2021
She's got big plans for her tropical bed and breakfast, but the new high-rise resort in the bay is throwing a wrench into everything. So Stacey Stapleton does what any savvy businesswoman would do—she goes...
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Date: 07/16/2021
★ A second chance police officer romance where the heat on the streets is almost too hot for the boys in blue! ★Officer Matthew Danes has one focus in his life: the brotherhood in blue.His...
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Cedar Ridge by Maris Parker

Date: 07/15/2021
Sometimes the Universe has a weird sense of humor.What else could account for Jessica Hayes ending up stranded in a tiny northwestern Wyoming town without her cell phone or credit cards? All she’s ever wanted...
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A Second Chance At Forever by Alexis Winter

Date: 07/14/2021
Falling for Landon Nash, is like playing with fire.The first time was a warning.The second time, he’s going to consume me.Gone is that twenty-one year old kid who broke my heart.Now, he’s a grown man...
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